Kunst Konservering & Restaurering

By Soline Pesme, Paintings Conservator


Kunst Konservering & Restaurering is closed until August 2015 due to maternity leave. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, we specialise in the conservation, restoration, and care of paintings from traditional to contemporary, all media included - oil, acrylic, tempera, etc. - on canvas, wood panel and board, as well as  painted objects.

We restore works of art both for private and public collectors, in Denmark and abroad. We can perform the work at our location or yours, and we will be happy to provide you free of charge with a fixed quote for the work to be performed. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Examples of services offered:

  1. Cleaning: surface grime removal and varnish removal

  2. Consolidation and stabilisation

  3. Tear and holes repair

  4. Lining and edgelining, patching

  5. Retouching

  6. Removing of poorly executed or discoloured retouch

  7. Condition reports

  8. Collection condition assessment and cataloguing

  9. Advice on how to best care for your paintings

  10. Please read more about our services by clicking here.

  1. What sets us apart:

  2. We don’t trade or speculate in art. We restore and conserve art - it’s what we do best, and it’s all we do.

  3. We don´t have a fancy or expensive studio/ shop/ showroom. This implies you get a better price!

  4. We are open, young, and dynamic - and thrilled to help you with your artworks!

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